Kris Krohn – Founder Talks on Ownership

Oct 25

Strongbrook History/Founders:

Strongbrook revolutionizes the concept of direct selling industry. Many individuals are passionate about changing their lives. Strongbrook pay top industry compensation for either referring people to their cause to build a referral network. In direct sales, Strongbrook sales are only as good as the last sell.

In network marketing, one needs a team of tens of thousands of people just to make ten grand per month. However, with Strongbrook, one does not have to sell anything and even with a team of hundred people, one can earn up to ten grand per month. Strongbrook is a real opportunity for income while earning a real estate portfolio after the retirement.

Kris Krohn – Founder/President:

As a college student, Kris Krohn purchased his first real estate investment property. When he graduated from the college, he owned 12 other properties solely based in investment purpose. After a year, Kris bought his 25th home and quit his job with a six-figure investment income. Since then, he has bought and sold several hundred of properties. Kris holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marriage, Family and Human Development.

Kris Krohn, the founder of The Strongbrook Group, formed the original vision for a group of companies that would help the clients in creating, managing, protecting and growing their wealth.

Kris Krohn always ensures that Strongbrook is always ahead of the market. Keeping the global aspects in mind, Kris has always created new possibilities in the field of wealth development. He also maintains the company’s orientation to its highest purpose that enhances the lives of Strongbrook’s clients and helps in contributing in lateral national economy.

Steve Earl – Chief Executive Officer:

Steve Earl was founder/president for eight years of one of the largest residential painting contracting company in Utah. His real estate experience as an agent, broker and investor has covered varied aspects like, commercial, multifamily residences, single-family homes and land.
Steve Earl joined The Strongbrook Group in 2008.

After he came on board, he bought a corporate vision, strategy, direction and now even holds the ultimate accountability for their execution. Since his arrival in The Strongbrook Group, he has implemented three basic requirements of a successful long-term business, Communication, Compliance, and Training.

Steve Earl’s additional responsibilities include ensuring the highest standard of quality in different Strongbrook products and services; along with reporting review, cash flow management, investment planning and investment fund allocations.

With a BS in Business Management, Steve holds a real estate agent license for seven years and a real estate broker license for four years. Before joining the company, he also had a contractor license.

Ok so Strongbrook is an option for you to invest your money and hope that the Real Estate Market will cooperate…  I was present at an event with this company and though it may be for some, it was not for me.

Or how about you make more money passively and not have to wait for decades to make an ROI.

Do you believe in yourself and your potential that the sky is the limit financially?