What is Storm Shelters OKC All About

Jan 06

The question is what are storm shelters and tornado shelters anyway? Why do we need these? Well, let’s talk to the owner of Storm Shelters OKC located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. His name is Keith and he is the proud owner since 2000.We all know what tornadoes are, however, when you do not live in what they call the “tornado alley”, one believes they do not have any worries. Well, tornadoes have hit just about every state in our USA. Living in the tornado alley states deperately need above ground storm shelters. Now, I believe every year the state helps residents in financing these shelters that save lives. But it’s up to the residents to apply and get one and hundreds of thousands of residents do not do so.

Let’s talk about Storm Shelters OKC

Let me go over all the states that are located in this tornado alley. Starting with Oklahoma, Texas, South Dakota, Nebrask, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana and a few others. So, you can see on the below map of Tornado Alley, there are multiple states that it is imperative to have a tornado shelter.

storm shelters okc

Again, one can get financing every year with the statae giving specials or go to the company yourself and ask all the questions that you need to feel comfortable with purchasing this life-saving shelter.

Go here for more info: http://www.stormsheltersokc.org

There are underground storm shelters and above ground storm shelters, either one is imperative to have when living in the tornado alley states. We prefer the above ground builds for we believe they are safer. What we mean is that underground can possibly get water in them and what if your family had to stay in one due to a car being on top of you or something very heavy and the water kept seaping in? That would not be a good situation so we prefer the above ground.

So, do your due diligence and call them up and find out everything you need to know in order to purchase one this year!